Ambrosia® draws inspiration from mythology, where it represents the drink of the gods. The term derives from the Greek words "am" (not) and "brotòs" (mortal), meaning the nectar of the immortals.
Thanks to the charm of this myth, the dream of timeless beauty comes to life, giving birth to our story:

Ambrosia® Eternal Ritual Beauty.

Unique formulas, inspired by a nectar capable of bestowing eternal beauty upon the hair.

Ambrosia comes to life from the thirty-year experience of a team of specialists in the professional haircare and luxury beauty world. The goal is to create high-quality hair care products with selected raw materials to meet every need.
Attention in formulating the products is focused on their effectiveness, without neglecting the gentleness and aspect of sustainability. We believe that TOTAL BEAUTY today cannot do without the protection of the environment around us and its inhabitants
Innovation and sustainability accompany the daily work to ensure a future marked by beauty and respect.

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Less is More

Taking care of your hair and respecting the environment is also about this: using a few multifunctional products to satisfy every beauty desire.
Few references, but carefully formulated to be used synergistically, and a complete ritual to address any anomaly or meet every aesthetic need. A revolution that starts in the salon but maintains its benefits even at home during the daily beauty routine.

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We take care
of our planet

The Ambrosia products are designed to minimize environmental impact to safeguard not only our beauty but also the nature surrounding us and its inhabitants.


The health of the hair begins with skilled hands; that's why Ambrosia products are exclusively available in specialized stores. Only through an analysis performed by a professional can you be assured of treating your hair optimally and according to its characteristics.
The most exclusive services, combined with the constant pursuit of product quality, form the perfect match to fulfill the desires and enhance the style of each customer.

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